March 5, 2023

The Woman Who Has it All – Perfect Career/Perfect Family

It’s easy in today’s world to get caught up in the dream of having a successful career and being the perfect wife and mothe….all at the same time. Have you ever thought, just for a minute, that you want to be the woman who has it all—perfect career and a perfect family?


Whether you work full time, part time, or volunteer, perfection may be an ambition. As a business owner, it was easy for me to have the mindset that I must get it all done ASAP. I can’t make a mistake and my business should grow at a rapid pace to be successful. However, I had to realize that every setback or failure gives me an opportunity to learn and do it differently. I must remember that, if I strived to have a perfect career and give 120% all of the time, there would be something else in my life that would suffer, like my family or health.

Wife and Mother

We can beat ourselves up thinking we need to be the perfect mother and wife. We want to do all and be all, but let’s get honest with who we are and what we can do. Is it possible to cook a three course meal every night, volunteer for numerous projects and have kids involved in every activity and coming home with straight A’s? Instead of trying to be perfect in every area, why not focus on making progress in the important things with our family. If you have followed me for a while, you have probably heard me mention one of my favorite books,Crazy Love. Author Francis Chan quotes Tim Kizziar, “Our greatest fear as individuals should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

What Really Matters

Have you ever been so concerned with getting things perfect in your career, your home, or in your children that it takes you away from enjoying what really matters? At the end of the day, year, or lifetime,what matters?

  • Extra hours spent catching up on email?
  • Impressing people that have no value to who are as a person?
  • Having a meticulous house?
  • Having perfectly dressed children who are shuffled from one activity to the next?


  • Taking your time to grow in a career, as you seek God’s guidance for His purpose in your life?
  • Allowing setbacks to improve your character and perseverance?
  • A simple dinner at the table with family with quality conversation?
  • Saying no to certain things in your career, activities, and responsibilities so that you have time with family JUST TO PLAY?

Over the past month here at Girlfriends Coffee Hour, and in the January issue ofCreated Woman, a faith and fashion magazine, I have shared how it can be easy to get caught up in the race of trying to be perfect with your health and fitness, spiritual walk, and career and family. As Icoachwomen to achieve life balance, physically and spiritually, the first step we take is to stop and evaluate if time is spent each day on what is a top priority.

I encourage you to pause and ask the Lord to show you any area of your life where you need to let go of the desire to be perfect. Ask Him to show you where you need balance instead of attempting to be the woman who has it all. You can achieve a life of complete wellness—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In Good Health,


What Really Matters by Wellness Coach Crystal Breaux

This week, I was fortunate to have time to sit on my porch one afternoon to relax and just read and meditate on Scripture as my kids played. To be honest, I purposely made things simple for me that day so I could enjoy that time. Instead of going to the gym or killing myself with a work out, I had enjoyed a long walk at home. Instead of killing myself in the kitchen, I prepared a simple and healthy meal in the CrockPot for our evening dinner. Instead of thinking I had to work extra hours for my job or it would never get done, I gave my timeline to God; and instead of thinking I had to plan every minute of the day to entertain my kids, I realized they truly love “just playing” outside.

What I realized is this: when I focus on the basics—the simple things of life—I’m able to enjoy what really matters.

As aFitness and Food Designer for Busy women, I have seen many women who are chasing so many different things that it keeps them fromenjoying the basic things of life and ultimately keeps them from living a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Has life become so busy for you that you are no longer focusing on what really matters? Has your lack of time for “busy work” become an excuse to not exercise?

Could it be that you are:

  • Trying to please other peopleinstead of looking to please God whichcan keep you from feeling confident in who you really are in Christ.
  • Trying to be something you are not instead of learning what God created you to be whichcan keep you constantly busy, yet never feeling successful.
  • Attempting to do too many things at onceinstead of giving attention to one thing and leftfeeling exhausted with no energy for yourself, family or career.
  • Focusing on succeeding in things that are really not important so thatyou feel like you are failing over and over, or are not good enough.

I love what Francis Chan says in the bookCrazy Love,“Our fear should not be offailure, but at succeeding in things in life that really don’t matter.”

These are things that can keep you so busy that you are unable to enjoy what really matters. Life can be easier when you focus on the basic needs of life, which allows you to be:

  • physically fit with proper diet and exercise
  • spiritually fit by spending time with God
  • mentally and socially fit by doing what you are called to do

Ask yourself this question: “What is keeping me too busy and keeping me from what really matters?”

To Your Health,

Coach Crystal


Crazy Love: Our Final Week – “Is This What I Want To Be Doing When Christ Comes Back?”

“What will people say about your life in Heaven? Will people speak of God’s work and glory through you? And even more important, how will you answer the King when He says, ‘What did you do with what I gave you?’ ” These words by our author gave me pause. I wanted to really think about them and see what my answer would be. They are important, and they are personal.

I think about where I am in the grand scheme of things. Really it is small, but God counts it. I am 53 years old, married for 35 years, have raised 3 children and have 2 grandchildren. I have kept my marriage alive, and we serve God together. I have raised my children in the truth of God’s word. I have been in the workplace witnessing whenever and wherever I could. God has been an integral part of this life of mine. But am I capable of more?


In this Empty Nester season of my life I feel I have even more time to give to God’s work. I am praying for His leading and attempting new things; this blogging was one of them. I have resources I have never had before, like thisCrazy Love书,帮助所有我能鼓励我Christ. I also have learned over the years to be more open to His leading and voice in areas I never thought I could do.

In reading this book, God has reminded me of some principles I already knew, and maybe forgot, and new ones that I never knew. He has touched my heart with new concepts that I want to put into practice. But through it all He has made me think. God wants what is best for me, and He also wants His best to be shared and given and downright sacrificed for His glory!

I want to do whatever He wants me to do without limits. To use some of these old and new concepts to further His kingdom. That’s what I’m here for, that’s my goal, and that’s what I want to be doing when Jesus returns.

When I stand at the throne at the end of my life I want to say like Paul:


That’s what I want to be doing when Christ returns!! How about you?



Thank You, God, that You brought this book into our lives. Now that we’ve finished it, I pray we can take all that you have given each of us individually and apply them to our lives where you have put us. Let us seek out the new things and the old things, and us them for Your glory, Lord. Praise You for all You are about to do in us and through us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Your assignment:

What new or old things has God impressed upon you to do to further His Kingdom and bring others to Him? Let’s share with one another and get excited that God is using us, though we are small, to further His work here for His glory. Just think: the God of the universe is using little ol’ us!!!!


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Crazy Love: Our Final Week – “Is This What I Want to Be Doing When Christ Comes Back?”

What do I want to be doing when Christ returns?

I feel a sense of urgency. At the beginning of Chapter 10, Chan talks about how the first church in Acts responded to the Pentecost with “immediate action.” They repented, were baptized, sold their possessions, and shared the gospel. After going through this book and understanding how wide and long and high and deep our God loves every single one of us, I feelcompelledto share that love. I do not want to hide in a box anymore. I want to do as Chan suggests on page 164 and “…live as though each person I come into contact with is Christ.” I do not want to live with any fear, but withsupreme confidencein my Lord’s greatness and power.He is biggerthan any problem I will face in my life. I yearn totrust fully in His promisesand let go of my hesitations so that I canlive for Him and for His glory.

I want to learn to not only listen to butobeyour God with my whole heart. My senses are open to seeing Him work in my life and in the lives of those around me. I want to finish the race He has set before me. I want to run it alongside Him, knowing He will uphold me with His righteous right hand.

I want to live the life He created me to live. I want to be on fire for God, living fully in His Spirit and doing the work He is calling me to do. He did not die on the cross for me to live a complacent Christian life. He wants to move me into something bigger, something greater. I must be willing to let go of everything I am holding onto right now so that I can grasp the life that He has for me. It is scary, but He promises that He will be with me.


Lord Jesus, I want to follow You with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. I want every fiber of my being to be consumed with You. Move me, guide me, walk with me, and teach me. Help me deal with my fear, insecurity, and lack of confidence for sharing You with those You call me to minister to. Convict me of my complacency and move me into a place of action. Speak to me and show me Your will. It is in Your holy and precious Name that I pray, Amen.

It has been a blessing and an honor to walk thisCrazy Lovejourney with each one of you.




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Crazy Love: Our Final Week – “Is This What I Want to Be Doing When Christ Comes Back?”

What Will YOU Be Doing

I’m filling in for Martha this week, as she is out of town with family.

I’ve been praying about what I want to share on this blog this week, since last week. When you think about it, this is one very important question that we all need to ask ourselves. Are we doing what we want to be doing when Christ comes back? Are we doing what Christ wants us to be doing when He returns? Or are we just floundering through life doing whatever, whenever, with whomever?

The words that I want to hear when I see Him face to face, either in heaven or here on earth, is “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” I think we all want to hear those words. I want to know that everything I have done here on earth brings glory to Him, honors Him, and reflects Him as the loving, redeeming, forgiving, gracious Lord that He is.

我想要接触女人的world, fulfilling the word that He has given me time and time again, to spread the gospel across all nations! On several occasions, the Lord told me that He wants me to spread the gospel worldwide; three different Scriptures, on three different occasions, confirmed this for me.

今天,几乎一年自从我开始的女朋友Coffee Hour, I do feel as if I am doing what He wants me to be doing, and I pray that I am still ministering to women all across the world through GCH, when Christ returns! This ministry has been such a huge blessing to see how God is working in so many lives, marriages, families, etc. It has been such an honor to be used by Him to minister to women in need, who need to see Jesus in their circumstances, and in their lives. It’s been such a blessing to pray with women all over the world; to encourage them; to study the Word with them, and so on.

I also have another side to my life that some of you may not know about. I am a foster mom to kids whose families are in crisis, or just need help. I am brand new at this, having had only one placement so far. My husband, Gary, and I both know that this is something God called us to. We both have hearts for kids who have bad homes, or need to be shown the love of God. Our first placement ended this last weekend. My heart is sad because the two precious little ones that we had for a period of time were the most adorable little boys ever!! To wake up each morning and see their smiling little faces, Wow! I can’t even begin to tell you what that does to your heart! I pray God will continue to use us in this manner, and make us even better at parenting future kids that will come into our home.

So, in answer to the question “Is this what I want to be doing when Christ comes back?” I would say that no matter what I am doing, all I want to hear is Him say to me, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” I want to do all that I can to the glory of Him who has called and chosen me.


Let’s Pray:

Lord, I pray for each person that is reading this blog today. I pray, Lord, that they would truly search their hearts to make sure that they are doing what You have called them to do. May they begin to seek You in all that they do, Lord. May they do all that they do to bring You glory and honor! May Your plans for their lives be exactly what YOU have called them to do! Our only goal, Lord, should be to bring glory and honor to YOU, Lord, in ALL that we do. We love You so very much! In Your precious Name, AMEN!



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Crazy Love: Our Final Week – “Is This What I Want to Be Doing When Christ Comes Back?”

What Will YOU Be Doing

My dear friends,

I believe with my whole heart that we are living in the end times. You might agree with me, you might not…. Really, that is not the issue. I believe it, and I vow to live each day as if I will meet Jesus.

I live intentionally.

I live with purpose.

I live on-purpose.

I believe that revival is coming and that it will begin with our youth; God showed me this and it has been confirmed for me three times. I like to be where God is moving and shaking, what about you?

I will do my part intentionally.

I will encourage with purpose.

I will do my part on-purpose.

God has shown me through this book what I need to do next, and that is to have my own mutiny against excess in my life. I will be starting this journey March 25thand you will be able to follow along with me here:

This is essentially a 7 month fast and it will not be easy by any means. I know, I know…. It sounds “extreme.” I hear that a lot. I think it sounds necessary. I am being obedient and I pray it stirs something new in me like never before. I am believing God for great things through this experience.

I will be obedient intentionally.

I will be obedient with purpose.

I will let God mold me on-purpose.

THISis what I want to be doing when God comes back.

I want to be doing exactly what God asks me to…no matter how crazy it sounds to this world.

I pray thatCrazy Lovehas forever changed you and began a revival with you that will only gain more momentum. I am believing this over you and I am praying for you with my whole heart.


Dear Lord, thank You for Your Word and Your Promises. Give us all the fortitude and strength to stand intentionally for Your Kingdom in our everyday lives. We can’t wait for Your return, and we vow to live our best life for Your glory until that day arrives. We have repented of all our ways that are not pleasing to You, and we mark today as the beginning of a new life. May You get all the glory, Lord! In Your Son’s matchless name we pray, amen <3



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Crazy Love: Our Final Week – “Is This What I Want to Be Doing When Christ Comes Back?”

We have come to the end of ourCrazy Lovejourney. This book is truly life-changing. This week, we will be reading chapter 10, but here on the blog, we will be posting our answers to the question of the last section of Chapter 10: “Is this what I want to be doing when Christ comes back?” We’ll be answering in a way that will tell you what we want to be doing when Christ returns. We would love to hear your answers, as well.

Let’s Pray:

Lord, thank You for changing lives, for being our Redeemer, for loving us so very much. You have turned hearts and taught us to look at things differently during this study and we thank and praise You for that. As we finish this study and continue forward, do not let us forget what we have learned. Continue to bring it into our hearts. Thank You, Jesus. We love You. Amen.



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Crazy Love: Chapter 9 Weekly Review – “Who Really Lives that Way?”

WOW!!!! Week 9 of this study has come to a close, and it was a good one.

周一,你和我遇到了内森巴洛,辛普森再保险bbavarapu and Jamie Lang. I also asked you to be a little introspective on Monday and begin to write your story as we learned about these incredible lives for Christ! Then, on Tuesday, Martha introduced us to Marva J. Dawn, Rich Mullins, Rings, and Rachael Saint…as well as a few souls who have impacted her life personally. Jennifer talked about transformer toys on Wednesday and asked us to look at the lives that God has so divinely placed around us and see how we can best impact them for His glory. On Thursday, Donna introduced us to a few more of Chan’s friends and his church as we looked at more lives who are living out God’s will in this earth.

Please take a few minutes to watch this brief video from Francis Chan about this chapter. We only have one more chapter left after this week…let’s finish strong!

Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord, we thank You for all of the wonderful examples of lives furthering Your Kingdom on our earth. Use them to stir a deep passion within us to follow in their footsteps in our own unique way as only we can. Bind up any fear or insecurity that might be holding us back and give us Your supernatural strength to be our best for Your glory! We thank You for Your mighty provision, Father! Help us strengthen each other and propel each other forward as me take this bold step for Your Kingdom! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.<3

Your Assignment:

Who do you look up to? Name some people you look up to as Christians. Then, think about your own life; what type of legacy will you leave behind? What will you be known for? What do you believe God created you to do on this earth?



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Crazy Love: Chapter 9 – “Who Really Lives That Way” (pp 161-164)

The people Francis Chan highlighted in this part of our chapter are such an inspiration to me!

The Robynson Family:Giving their Christmas morning to the homeless with a cup of hot coffee and pancakes, teaching their children while they are young to offer themselves the way Christ did for us.

Susan Diego:Telling God she would do anything He asked her to, then putting into practice that promise. Helping students, teaching young mothers, starting a school, and opening her home to people of all walks of life. Even doing the one thing she hoped He wouldn’t ask her to do: speaking in public.

Lucy:Leaving a life of prostitution and drugs when she met Christ and gave her life to Him. Now she is opening her home (on the same streets she was on) to other young women caught in drugs and prostitution. She shares Christ with anyone in need.

Cornerstone Community Church:Giving away 50% of their budget, “loving their neighbors as themselves.” Also building an outdoor amphitheater to hold services and reach people for Christ.

These examples encourage me, and I hope they do you as well. They are average people like us, who use the talents God has given them to spread the Gospel. I want to do that! Even in my own little world I hope I do that. I pray I can be half the woman of Christ that these examples are! It’s something to strive for, and I can achieve, with the help of my Father.

In Christ,



Let’s Pray:

Father, thank You for the inspiration that these examples of Your love give us. I pray You will give each woman who reads this blog opportunities to be like the examples here and spread Your truth to the world around us. Helps us to also recognize those opportunities when they come and give us Your words to speak. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Your Assignment:

Can you think of some opportunities in your life that you could share the love of Christ in your part of the world and encourage someone else? Let’s name them and pray that we take advantage of those times.



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Crazy Love: Chapter 9 – “Who Really Lives That Way?” (pp 157-161)

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Do you all remember those Transformer toys? Now, my memory is not what it used to be, but I think they would change from figures into vehicles or into different creatures and such. Am I close? As I was reading through the three profiles in this section, the Lord kept whispering to me. Over and over again. The same word.



A life transformed.

All of the profiles we are reading in this chapter illustrate lives of regular, everyday people. People like you and me. Some went through struggles with gambling, addictions, even prostitution. But then they met Jesus Christ. And, similar to those transformer toys, once they met Jesus, their lives were transformed. Jesus washed away the ugliness of their past. He took their shame, their hurt, their despair, and transformed it into something beautiful for His glory. Their lives were forever changed by His love and grace at work in their lives.

George Mueller and his wife started an orphanage and did not seek out donations. When they had a need, they went to God in prayer. Every need they had was met. By prayer alone. Brother Yun was persecuted for his faith before escaping to Germany with his family. He is now involved in a movement to preach the gospel in all countries, cities, towns, and ethnic groups between China and Jerusalem. Shane Claiborne serves the very poor and broken in one of the worst neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

I am sure we can all recall a moment when we felt the transforming power of Christ at work in our lives. Maybe it was when you first accepted Him into your heart. Perhaps it was during a struggle when you leaned on Him more than you ever had before. What if you could take the gift Christ has given you—a transformed life—and partner with Him to transform lives of those around you?


We are only limited by what we think we cannot do. God does not call us to do something that is impossible. He equips us to do the work He has prepared for us in advance to do.

So, let’s put on our armor and step out in faith. Let’s begin this revival, shall we?


Let’s Pray:

Father, You are all about transforming lives. You bring us out of the depths of despair and give us hope and peace that surpasses all understanding. Stepping out in faith is difficult, Lord, but we KNOW that You would not call us to do something that is impossible or that You will not equip us to do. And we KNOW Lord, that YOU will be with us every step of the journey. Stir a revival in our hearts, in our lives, and in each of our communities. Bring forth a renewed passion in us for serving You. Give us courage, Father, to take that first step. We can do ALL things through YOU who gives us strength. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen!

Your Assignment:

What is one thing you can do today to help someone in your path? It can be a stranger, a friend, or a family member. Pray and ask God to show you how you can meet a need today and then tell us about it!


Girls with Swords  by Lisa Bevere

Girls with Swords
by Lisa Bevere

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