March 8, 2023

CHRISTLife — ThirtyEight: Bold and Confident

cl bold and confidentGod chose us. He also chose us to do His good works here on earth, as we await His return. And the most amazing thing about this is He seems to choose the most unlikely and unqualified people to carry out His most important works.

Do you know this to be true? And often the response to His calling is, “Are You sure, God? Me? Why?” Unintentionally we limit Him by what we think wecanandcannot做的。我们是不可能的is possible with God. We just have to believe that He has called us and He has a mission for us to spread His Word to the world.

Feeling unqualified? When He calls, He equips and qualifies us to do that which we so feel we aren’t qualified to do. Let’s go to His Word and look at some of those He called…and their response to Him. And how different the world would be if they had felt they couldn’t do it!

God calls Moses:

摩西80岁时,他被送到自由the Israelites from Pharaoh. His response was something like, “Me? I can’t even speak well. Do You really think anyone would even listen to me?” When Moses finally quit making excuses and obeyed, the way was paved by God through the Red Sea, across a desert and, finally, to the entrance of the Promised Land. All along the way, God was providing food and shelter and water for these people who trusted Moses with their lives.

Have you ever thought about what could have happened if Moses has said no?

God calls Jeremiah:

Jeremiah was a teenager at the time that God sent him to deliver news to the Jewish people. Because He was so young, he thought that no one would take him seriously.But God did.He said in Jeremiah 1:5,”Before you were born I set you apart.” For 24 years, Jeremiah was at God’s call, and all he did was write books filled with God’s words. The first one was destroyed and Jeremiah was imprisoned. His feet were in chains and he was thrown into a pit. But God sent rescuers and made a way for all His messages to be delivered.

God calls Gideon:

Last one on my list today is Gideon—and my favorite, I will have to say! God called him His mighty warrior! He told him to save His people who were being attacked constantly by their enemies. He also wanted Gideon to destroy the idol, Baal. But Gideon, who was working in a wine press, hiding in fear from his enemies, had many excuses as to why he wasn’t God’s man. He said that he was a coward and how could God use him to fight for His people? Fast forward…God fully equipped Gideon to do so much more. He used his weakness to proveGod’s strength.

See? You are ready for any task that God has laid in front of you. You may not even know what you are called to do but know this—you are called to do great things! And He will make sure you have everything you need to complete His will. God calls you to serve with what you have and just as you are. All you have to do is trust and believe Him, and love Him enough to do what He says.

  • Matthew 14:22 If you love Me, then look at me. Keep your eyes on me.
  • Matthew 16:4 If you love Me, follow me.
  • Luke 10:37 If you love Me, go and do likewise.
  • John 21:15-17 If you love Me, feed My sheep…tend My lambs.

And remember, there is only one that wants to see you fail. There is an enemy who wants to fill you with fear and lies and keep you silent so you won’t do the Lord’s work. But God did not give you a spirit of fear, “…but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV).

He gives you courage. Courage is what will help you persevere. And it’s God’s power that resides in you and gives you the confidence you need to go on and accomplish with victory the will of your Father in Heaven. The Lord is your Shepherd, you shall not want for…anything!