May 2, 2023

GCH:decaf – Friends are IMPORTANT! and so is FAMILY

We have been having a mostAWESOMEtime getting to know each other these last three months. We began ourTeen Ministry希望我们能够达到的梦想g women all over the world with theloveof God and for them to see how much they are worth to theFather. In the process, we got to know many newheartsand smiles.

昨天黛安娜和我们分享了她friend, Jesus. How many of you truly think ofJesusas afriend? Does He have a place in yourheartlike your bestfrienddoes? When bad stuff happens to you, who do you run to? IsJesusfirst, or do you go to afriend, or a parent? SometimesJesusis the LAST person we go to – and only because we couldn’t figure it out on our own. That’s not cool. That is not howJesuswants us to think of Him. How long would we have a bestfriendif we only talked to them when we were bored or in danger? Not long, I think.Friendsneed to be cared for even when things are fun and good.

It is a FACT that bad things will happen in our lives. It is a FACT that we need other people to walk along side of us for support. It is a FACT that Jesus wants to be that person that we go to FIRST…even before ourfriendsor our parents.

Through this teen ministry of GCH:Decaf I have met some pretty amazing women, teens andfriends. We have been introducing you to some of the girls that responded to our interview questions. Today, I would like to introduce you to a pair of sisters who I met while doing the first study and preparing for things to come. It is truly amazing how God works miracles in ourheartsand lives when bad things happen to us. Some things girls go through are just too awful to survive, let alone use that terrible thing as a ministry opportunity.

These sisters reminded me of the scripture inPsalms 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”Through our online study group I met Trinicia and Carlia. They answered my interview questions very honestly, just like the other girls did. I love these girls so very much that I want to get to know them in person. I want to watch their ministry unfold as they walk out the path God has laid before them. The events in older sister’s life affected the life of the younger sister. That is the way we were designed to be. We bear each other’s burdens and joys. Ilovethat they are sisters and support each other. Ilovethat they have aheartfor God. Here is their story:

CarliaI first want to introduce you to Carlia. She is 13 years old and lives in Memphis, Tennessee. She likes the group One Direction (much like many of our girls here at :decaf) and this girlsLOVESLeCrae. I have to say that I amlovingme some LeCrae myself these days. I got a new CD for Christmas. J Her favorite movie is “Home is Where the Heart Is” and her favorite TV show is House of Payne. By these choices alone you can tell Carlia values “home”.

Carlialovesto dress eccentrically and to do that she needs to SHOP with herfriends. When asked about food, she responded that all things “Rafferty’s” was her fave. I have eaten at a Rafferty’s and I would have to agree that they have good food.

Now here is the answer to the question: What is one thing that changed your life?

“The day my oldest sister told my Mom that my dad had been touching her in a bad way. It was hard because that was my dad and he was a part of me, but so was my sister and she was a girl, so I could feel what she was saying and it was hard for me to deal with. It still is sometimes. It did bring us closer as a family and it has made all of us stronger and more protective of each other. Iloveher!”

Carlialovesher big sister, Trinicia. God truly came close to these brokenhearted sisters, daughters andfriends. He has begun to heal the wounds that have crushed their spirits and out of these precioushearts, a ministry has been born.


Let me introduce you to 19 year old, Miss Trinicia. She goes to college in Nashville, Tennessee. Her favorite singer is Beyonce and her favorite Christian artist is also LeCrae. Oh, yeah, and he is CUTE, too. Trinicia said that Disney’s Pete’s Dragon is her all-time favorite movie and she likes to watch Criminal Minds and Cold Case on TV. Don’t mess with her, she’s analytical. LOL Trinicia likes to be casually dressy. She sounds pretty classy to me. Her favorite thing to do withfriendsis go out to eat and her favorite is Chinese food.

So here’s the kicker for me; when Trinicia was asked about one thing that changed her life she responded:“Meeting my bestfriendDevin at a time when I had to disclose to my mom that my stepdad… had been molesting me and raped me. God has used that horrible time in my life to help other girls and women get through such a horrific moment in their life. God has really given me a ministry! He has used something bad and is using it for His good!”

Trinicia could have said that the action was the thing that changed her life, but what really changed her was thefriendshipof Devin who stood by her when she needed support to talk to her mom.Do bad things happen to good people?Absolutely.Is it fair?I don’t think so, but life isn’t fair. The thing that matters is how Trinicia responded to the bad thing that happened in her life. She gave it over to God to use as He saw fit and now Trinicia has a ministry helping other girls and women recover from these crushing blows of life.

Did you notice that not only did the bad stuff affect Trinicia, it affected Carlia?Did you notice that Carlia said that their family is “closer” now than before they found out about the “bad stuff”? How can that be?I can understand how these sisters were reluctant to join us in our study “A Daughter’s Worth”, but getting to know them I see that they know theFatherlovesthem and they return thatlove. They have turned their pain into ministry to others who are hurting. I trulylovethese young ladies.

InMatthew 22:37 it says, “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’”That verse sums up what we were trying to learn in our last Bible study. We want to seek God with everything in us, make HIM a part of us that we cannot live without. We would be lost without ourHEART, ourSOULor ourMIND. Make it a point to get to knowJesusthis year like Trinicia and Carlia have. Make2013the year you become a trueFOLLOWERofJesus!

Iloveall my girls,

Mama T


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